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Dollhouse, Still Not Feeling It

April 12, 2009

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it if FOX could air another good SciFi series with clever writing and some action. But Dollhouse, between you and me and anyone randomly browsing this blog, I’m just not feeling it.

Sure with Episode 6 the writing has jumped into gear and no longer plays like it was written by people who couldn’t get work on Knight Rider and that’s nice and all, but guess what it’s just not enough. I like good writing. I savor good writing. I take good writing out on long moonlight strolls by the bay where we sip our mocha lattes and discuss our future together. Then we name our kids. But as fun as all that is, I just need more. A lot more.

Like characters I give a damn about. Yeah that’s a minor issue but it’s actually way up there. That means people we care about fighting the good fight. Without that, why even bother? Which just about covers my response to Dollhouse post episode 6, why even bother?

Sure the writing is better, but what else is? We still get to sit around watching a bunch of meat puppets and the staff who oversee their ongoing rape and exploitation.

When Topher and Amelia get all wacky on the memory thwacking virus, was I really supposed to find their antics cute? I don’t think so. They’re both evil. Buffy Season 6 got by with the geeks mainly because they didn’t do anything genuinely evil until the end. But Andrew post-slashing never struck me as cute or entertaining. Repulsive, creepy and annoying would cover it. It’s why I never had any use for his Season 7 whining or his return in comic form in Season 8. No means no. And ugh means ugh.

Dollhouse doesn’t have characters, it has a bunch of Borg and the humans who control them. And considering how annoying Caroline was in her flashbacks and her Sea Kitten thing, I can’t even hope she gets rescued because I don’t care about her or any of the Dolls. Some of them are victims, but they’re not characters. On the flip side of that shiny gold coin, the humans at the Dollhouse are characters, but perpetrators. It’s like watching Hogan’s Heroes, a version where Colonel Klink and the Nazis keep winning and are the focus of every episode. And the GI’s just don’t matter.

So no I’m not feeling it. Joss Whedon got rich creating shows with strong characters who fight for things. Dollhouse is completely lacking in that. Unless there are major changes to the series, I don’t see that changing either.

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  1. Razor permalink
    April 21, 2009 9:44 pm

    Gotta agree with you wholeheartedly on the DH review, especially on the pervy themes. It’s TV for flashers and the Manson Family but offers nothing for anyone craving good writing. Hey, I adore True Blood, Dexter and BSG, but those shows are actually good. DH at best is a pervy Birds of Prey, except BOP at least made me laugh. Dollhouse flops around like a meth hooker with a mental breakdown, screaming pathetically while people turn away. I hope Whedon learns the lesson that a show without characters with personality is basically just reality TV with really good lighting.

  2. Dudewhere'smyshirt? permalink
    April 23, 2009 5:29 am

    Good points. Here’s how to save this show. Have Alpha come back and blow up the DH and that FBI dude’s apartment. With all the main characters dead, the writers can create new ones who people give a crap about. And while they’re at it, they can cast a new female lead who actually has big boobs. I’m sick of Dushku’s b-cups all crammed into extra small wife-beaters. Who do they think they’re fooling with that crap?

  3. d4d permalink
    December 17, 2009 7:04 am

    dollhouse is not the dimmest thing to come out of Hollywood. but its so bad in so many ways that I can’t think of what worst. with the money they spent, there must have been a lot of non writers on the job. you know suits “adding value.”

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