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Brannon Braga’s 24 Berman – Justman Star Trek Reference

April 1, 2009

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Make of it what you will.

Having exhausted all its own cliches, 24 brought some Trek people on board. Well they brought Manny Cotto on board, and looks like Manny brought Brannon Braga on board. So the 16th episode of 24’s 7th Season was co-written by Brannon Braga and Manny Cotto.

In it President Taylor’s demented power hungry daughter proposes Rick Berman as a replacement to the Chief of Staff she forced out, countering her mother’s suggestion of Bob Justman. Her argument for Rick Berman, “never underestimate the value of a fresh perspective”.

Considering what Rick Berman did to Star Trek, I think we should totally underestimate it. But for those not in the know, Bob Justman was the producer of Star Trek’s original series. Rick Berman was the executive producer of everything after that, once Roddenberry had been conveniently tucked out of the way. Brannon Braga who co-wrote the episode was the creator and executive producer of half of those shows. So his support for Rick Berman’s fresh perspective might be a little biased.

At least we haven’t gotten any word of J.J. Abrams for Chief of Staff.

Now since the proposal is made by an evil character, I’m not sure if that’s Brannon Braga expressing some regret, or just throwing in an in-joke. I would go with Stupid Door Number 2 on that one.

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