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eBaum’s World vs eBaum TV vs Karma

February 12, 2009

Few words in the German hybrid webbesse language can summon up as much hate online as eBaum’s World. Best known for ripping stuff off and sticking their own logos on it, a business model that got them a huge audience and a 20 million dollar buyout by Zuve, Karma kicked in for the eBaum’s World people, when Zuve fired their asses to cut costs.

So now the old eBaum’s World crowd is over at eBaum.TV, complaining of all things about eBaum’s World stealing their content. This is going to be hilarious as hell to all of the people, including me, who were on the receiving end of eBaum’s World’s unsolicited content stealing.

Now the sheer irony of eBaum people complaining that their content is being stolen and they’re being impersonated has to fade at some point. Meanwhile though it’s like that episode where Captain Kirk was stuck dealing with two doubles, one made of matter and one made of antimatter, bent on destroying each other, by chasing each other across universes.

I’d love for nothing more than eBaum’s World and eBaum.TV to begin acting that out, ending in the complete destruction of all things eBaumy.

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