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Battlestar Galactica’s Blood on the Scales, the Good, the Bad and the Gimpy

February 8, 2009

(Admiral Adama wonders why he’s not the man he used to be anymore)

The Good

Tom Zarek gets shot approximately four years too late after he’s left a long long trail of bodies behind him in all directions, sold out mankind to the Cylons with the Baltar Administration before joining the Resistance. And of course it’s Adama and Roslyn who let him keep going as long as he did without putting a bullet in him long ago.

It wasn’t until he finally got around to staging a coup, executing the entire quorum and trying to have Roslyn and Adama killed, that he finally earned a place in front of the firing squad. Except that was a variation of his frakking plan all along.

The Bad

Four one and a half episodes, Adama and his handful of allies are supposed to be on the run and completely outnumbered. Even though some Galactica crew supposedly continue to resist, Adama does not do the obvious thing in The Oath, and try to join up with them, instead of senselessly locking himself in in a room and staging a last stand.

It’s not really clear how he does take back the ship. All we really know is that somehow FatBoy and a few allies manage to take down Daddy’s entire firing squad without firing a shot, and then appear to recruit these “handpicked crew” selected by Gaeta’s own man for the firing squad into taking back the ship. Yeah it doesn’t make much sense to me, or anyone who isn’t Ron Moore.

The Gimpy

Felix has managed to go two episodes without singing at all. I was sure once Gaeta got stuck in front of a firing squad he would begin singing and there would be a slow motion montage of bullets piercing his body, while he keeps on singing. Somehow Ron Moore restrained himself. Probably the most courageous act of his own career.

Unfortunately scratching and displaying his stump replaced singing as Gaeta’s annoying habit. Understandably Gaeta tried to bargain for his life at the last second by assuring everyone that the itching and pain were gone and he wouldn’t do that anymore. But by then Adama was understandably too grossed out by the stump to pay attention, and the gimp bought the farm.

All hail Commander Gimp. He couldn’t hold Galactica, but he did manage to seize an entire Battlestar by threatening to gross out everyone who didn’t cooperate with close up views of his stump. Of course they went along, and can you blame them? After hours of looking at Gaeta’s stump on the SciFi Channel, wouldn’t you?

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